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Mountain Chelmos and the Gorge of Vouraikos have been declared as National Parks, after a decision of the Greek Minister of Spatial Planning and Environment. The decision has already been signed and it was based on the rare flora and fauna of this area that surrrounds the lovely town of Kalavryta Peloponnese. The National Park Chelmos-Vouraikos extends for 544,000 sq. m. and it distinguishes for its unique biodiversity. In fact, 17 of the animal species living there are included in the Red Book with the endangered species in Greece. Moreover, 21 species of raptors have been detected in this vast area, which is crossed by frequent trekking trails and constitutes a shore for nature lovers. A lovely way to see this natural region is also to take the cog train from Diakofto to Kalavryta, which runs all through the gorge of Vouraikos. This area also has a mythological background as the famous waterfall of Chelmos was dedicated to goddess Stynx in the ancient times and it was believed that the waters of this fall were reaching Hades, the kingdom of the dead.



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