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The Monastery of Mega Spilaio

Kalavrita: Mega SpilaioKalavrita: Mega Spilaio

The monastery is situated 10km away from the town of Kalavrita. Built on the wild and steep side of a 120-metre high rocky hill there is a unique view from the monastery's balcony. The monastery's cells have been built around the entrance of a cave. The monastery was founded at this location in 362 A.D. by two brothers, Symeon and Theodore, because an icon of the Virgin Mary was found deep inside the cave where there's also stream. The icon was created by Apostle Luke from mastic and wax and was discovered by a shepherd girl. In 840 A.C. the Mega Spileo was burnt down by the Iconomachs and in 1285, Andronikos Paleologos rebuilt it. From then on, this monastery became one of the richest in the country. The monastery went through another two fires, in 1400 and in 1600, at which point the church was burnt down along with the precious library containing rare manuscripts. In 1934, the monastery went through yet another fire during which invaluable relics were destroyed.

In 1936, the monastery was rebuilt but suffered severe destruction in December 1943 in the hands of German troops. All 22 monks and all other staff members were executed and their bodies thrown over a cliff. Today, one can admire a number of important and unique relics which are kept in a special hall. Every year, the monastery celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on the 15th of August.


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The Monastery of Agia Lavra

The monastery of Agia Lavra was built in 961 AD, on Helmos Mountain , at an altitude of 961 meters, and can be described as the symbolic birth-place of modern Greece. It stands as one of the oldest monasteries in the Peloponnese.

It was built in 10th century but was burnt to the ground in 1585 by the Turks. It was rebuilt in 1600 while the frescoes by Anthimos were completed in 1645. It was burnt again in 1715 and in 1826 by the armies of Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt. In 1850 after the rebirth of modern Greece, the building was completely rebuilt. The monastery was burned down by German forces in 1943.

It is famously linked with the Greek War of Independence , since it was here that the call for "Eleftheria I Thanatos" was first heard on 17 March 1821 , launching the revolution against the Ottoman Empire. That day, Bishop Germanos of Patras performed a doxology and administered an oath to the Peloponnesian fighters. The revolutionary flag was supposedly raised by Bishop under the plane tree just outside the gate of the monastery.

On the hill opposite, a monument to the heroes of the Revolution of 1821 looks down upon the monastery.

Kalavrita: Agia Lavra

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Monastery of St. Nicholas Vlasias

Καλάβρυτα: Αγ. Νικοόλαος Βλασίας

The Monastery is situated near village Vlasia, on the top of a mounten which is full of fir trees. The Monastery was built in the 7 th century AD. Opposite the monastery there are the hills called Charkoskala and Angelokastro. The view from the monastery is breath-taking as you can see Erimanthos Mountain and Selinountas Valley.


Kalavrita: Monastery of St. Nickolas Vlasia

The Monastery of Makelaria

Kalavrita: Monastery of Makelaria

The monastery is located on the right bank of the river Selinountas, opposite the village Lapanagoi, 30 kilometres from the town of Kalavrita. The Monastery which was built in 532 AD, is dedicated to the Assumption. The original name of the monastery was the Virgin Mary Lithostrotiotisa, because it is built on a rock. The name "Makelaria" was given to the Monastery during the carnage that took place when the Turks attemted to conquer it in 1458. If you follow a small path near the Monastery, you will find a small church of the Transfiguration of Christ. It is made in a small cave.

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